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Confession 30 minutes before 

Weekend Mass and by 

appointment.  Confessions will

also be on the 1st Thursday of

the month before daily Mass.


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St. Andrew Church

St. Andrews Catholic Church



St. Mary Church

St. Marys Catholic Church



Mass Times

Week of July 15 and 22, 2018

Date Time Place          Who
Monday, July 16     No Mass
Tuesday, July 17 8:00 am St. Andrew Mike Burke
Wednesday, July 18 8:00 am St. Mary David & Donna Imhoff and For the Poor Souls in Purgatory and Special Intention
Thursday, July 19 8:00 am St. Andrew Carl & Donna Liechty
Friday, July 20 8:00 am St. Patrick Jean Portz and Harvey & Marlyss Bauman
Saturday, July 21 4:30 pm St. Mary Cleo Klein
Sunday, July 22 8:30 am St. Patrick Robert Budden and Lee Pape
Sunday, July 22 10:30 am St. Andrew Darla Jacobson and For the Parishes of the Cluster
Sunday, July 22 - Spanish 12:30 pm St. Patrick Orville & Betty Gloden
Monday, July 23     No Mass
Tuesday, July 24 8:00 am St. Andrew Sherry McElroy
Wednesday, July 25 8:00 am St. Mary Donna Krogman
Thursday, July 26 8:00 am St. Andrew Dennis Wilcox
Friday, July 27 8:00 am St. Patrick Gerald Croatt and For the Poor Souls in Purgatory and Special Intention
Saturday, July 28 4:30 pm St. Mary Heather Krogman, Chuck Klein and Klein Family
Sunday, July 29 8:30 am St. Patrick Jeremy Kuiper
Sunday, July 29 10:30 am St. Andrew Dallas Poss and For the Parishes of the Cluster
Sunday, July 29-Spanish 12:30 pm St. Patrick Ray & Delores Portz


DRE/Administrative Assistant

For St. Andrew and St. Mary




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