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March 18, 2020 letter to



Confession 30 minutes before 

Weekend Mass and by 

appointment.  Confessions will

also be on the 1st Thursday of

the month before daily Mass.



For news from the Vatican, 

please visit News.va/en or 

click to be redirected to 

their website.



 Free Daily Readings



Need to find Mass times 

when traveling, check out








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Photo Gallery

Welcome to St. Andrew & St. Mary Parishes' Photo Gallery!  Click on the images below to view the photo gallery of your choice.


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    Redecoration of St. Andrew's

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    Youth Activities

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    Confirmation 2010

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    Mission Trip 2011

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    Roller Skating 2011

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    Redec. of St. Andrew's 2

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    April 9 - Blessing of Altar

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    SeaSide Retreat 2011

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    Cafe Chocolate' Retreat

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    Deacon Brian Feller 2014

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